by Ness Lake

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Travis Anderson
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Travis Anderson This is always in my head, Ness Lake is my favorite body (of water) Favorite track: social drinker.
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songs and stories about caffeine

great album art by matt johnson
cover song featuring my best friend kyle


released September 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Ness Lake Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: cold chamomile
i cant sleep
without the spotlight
through the blinds
shining in from the street

and i stopped drinking coffee
i could do without more anxiety
about what you meant
when you said how you feel when you confronted me

you said
you're a room with a window
not one with a view
you pull the sheets so tight that its hard to see through

ive been begging for daylight
i dont know what to do
i can beg and pray for mornings when i wake up without you

i fell asleep in the shower
because i dont know how to feel
i woke up in the tub with suds in my hair
on the counter cold chamomile

i wish you had plugged the tub
i wish that you had filled it up
i wish that you had dropped your hairdryer in
still plugged
Track Name: social drinker
you had a trumpet until you lost it
you thought that music would make you whole
but it only made you feel more alone

you didnt even lose it
you left it on the train, southwest
never to be seen again

but you wont tell your parents that
you know that they meant well
they thought that music could be the distraction to keep you from destroying yourself anymore

now there's new cigarettes on your counter
i thought you said you were cutting back
the tragedy is that it started because you don't know what to do with your hands
when they're not intertwined
or holding on
to someone else
but now you're with me

the smoke on your breath graced the neck of the bottle
the story it's complicated, too far to follow
you'd much rather be with lukewarm pink moscato
than the nice beers that your friends bought
Track Name: cpr
you were too busy checking your hair in the rear view
that you didnt feel what was going through
i'm sitting in the passenger seat but it feels like i'm behind you
roll down the window let some air in

took the inside turn on a semi truck, took your hands off the wheel so we're both fucked
to be a newspaper headline

then they tear our bodies out
tear apart the car
lay us still on asphalt and practice cpr

and i guess that this is how you wanted it to be
it would have been different if we were seventeen
wrapped your car around a tree
then you couldnt blame me. no one knows what happened in the car that night

now we're sitting on the shoulder
laying on the ground
you can see us from above
you can see them practicing cpr, cpr

and they see our bones are breaking
blood all on the ground
you can see our bones are broken
we've spilled our hearts for now
see our bones are breaking
to no avail, cpr
see how far we've made it
see how far we've made it just to fall
Track Name: squirm
love to watch you squirm in the passenger seat, my driving scares you, too close to the white lines and the trees, i just wish that when you wished that you were dead, i just wish that you were with someone else instead. I didn't sign up for this, I didn't know that you'd fall apart in front of me, that you'd fall apart in front of me, I didn't know.

love to watch you squirm in a wedding dress, my vows they scare you, trying too hard to impress. I just wish that when you got down on one knee, you were kneeling in front of someone that wasn't me, I didn't sign up for this, I didn't know that you'd fall apart in front of me I thought I'd made it to the future with somebody that wouldn't fall apart, wouldn't fall apart.

love to watch you squirm
Track Name: coffee crush
you said that you had to leave
you just procrastinate on my couch
it doesn't matter all that much

i made enough for coffee for two
then i offered some to you
you turned it down, citing that you don't drink coffee anymore

because it started to
twist your stomach into knots
you'd thought that i'd forgot that about you
just wanted more empathy for how i feel without you
Track Name: honey then vinegar
i hit each green light on my way to your parents
i ran each red light on my way back

because i can't stop to contemplate
what it might like to be dead

you'd said you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar
you've always got something to say that you read online
i guess that i can just shut the fuck up
then everything will turn out fine

i've been hanging onto coattails
i've been begging for forgiveness
i didn't think that we'd make it this far
i didn't think that we'd make it this far
Track Name: pb & e
its such a long way down from
where i fell off your tongue
im glasses you need to read
but hurt your head to wear too long

there is what i show and there is what you see
my seeds have been sown, beneath your toes my dead weeds
have flourished, in the spring sun
you say i'm sing song,
ill show you sing song

well he's more rnb, he's diet coke and summer heat
i'm peanut butter, epinephrine, in your basement with a magazine
that you showed me
that you showed me

because you thought that naked girls were cool
at this point, i didn't even know how to kiss
i can show you where my romance is
Track Name: soag FM
i'm the son of a god fearing man
which means that though i'm not terrified
i stay as far as i can